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Mark aka "Malfo" of Malfo Productions grew up in Staten Island, NY. He has been a piano player in the community and various churches since childhood. The musical influence in his family, circle of friends and colleagues, as well as his interest in production as a whole has molded Malfo into a multi talented creator in this industry. 

He is a professionally trained and active musician with many years of experience in music direction, live performance and instrumentation, and music production. He is versed as a piano and keyboard player primarily, and also plays drums, bass and other instruments. His main focus in music are in the fields of HipHop, RnB, Jazz, and more. 

As a teenager Mark took an interest in going from a being a musician to a professional music producer for himself and for others. He Interned in various studios and worked diligently to learn the digital aspect of creating custom sounds and design outside of live instrumentation. He pursued this craft and went to York College where he obtained his Bachelors degree in music with a focus on production. 

Upon graduating he became heavily busy with producing with and performing for other indie and industry professionals. He continued to build his style and identity. 

As a producer and creator for hire, he has over 8 years of experience in creating music with indie artists and businesses, as well as highly established and corporate clients. Malfo created the brand Malfo Productions to cater to the creatives and help others build their sound and style while simultaneously launching his personal projects to highlight his production and writing skills. He has been actively producing for years but officially created his business in 2018.

For several years he worked in and out of a studio in Atlanta as a production intern for Bangladesh and various others. He assisted on albums with production locally and remotely for his clients, colleagues and more. 

In March 2018 during a trip to SXSW he performed on keys for The Label Noir LIVE during a set opening up for Wyclef Jean. During SXSW18 he met an industry professional MiVida JDM who he obtained business services from to build his brand. While doing so she led a press run and assisted in his debut project release party. He was interviewed on various radio podcast platforms as well as at live events, performed his tracks and also received critique from other known professionals regarding his first debut. He retained her as official management in June 2018 after years of freelancing and self managing so that he can further his business and provide the best quality production and service to his clients, this allowed him to have more time to create and build, as well as be aware of both the talent and business side of production. 

Malfo released his debut LP project as a producer in June 2018 titled “Tribe Chase” featuring an assortment of featured recording artists over his multi genre production as well as several co producers. He later released a solo custom beat pack in September 2018 as a tease to a future instrumental album on the way.

In October 2018 he attended A3C Music Conference and Festival with representation where he managed to collaborate with various producers and artists during festival week which include but are not limited to; LR, Rhythmaddix producers Pay Day and 40 Mil, Van Gammon, DJ JC, and many more. He featured his custom beats at a producer event “Steel Sessions” led by the industry’s notable influencers in production and engineering: Mike Kuz, Buda and Grandz. 


From Fall 2018 to Spring 2019 he worked closely with a musician trio out of Staten Island called “The Jazztronauts” as 1/3rd of the trio. He played keys alongside drum player AJ Pantaleo, and Trumpet Player J. Glaze. What started as a jam session, became a group of three musicians creating a consistent and highly demanded buzz around Staten Island.

Winter 2018 he became a musician/key player in an ongoing production Off Broadway titled “To Whom it May Concern” created by Mark White. 

January 2019 he entered a collaboration in production with known Bass player “Da Sanchize” for upcoming Art Gallery Exhibition with Artist Jaclyn C. aka MiVida JDM. 

He has performed collaboratively and solo locally and nationally at venues such as but not limited to Amityville Music Hall, S.O.B's, B.B.Kings, The Bitter End, The Hop Shoppe, and at events for Music Festivals such as SXSW and A3C. 

He is collaborating with and featuring with some known household names as well as some up and coming ones, keep an eye out for highly anticipated new projects dropping soon! 

Check out his debut Hip-Hop and RnB project on iTunes titled "Tribe Chase" released June 2018 featuring various artists over his production. 

TRIBE CHASE purchase or stream links : 

ITUNES: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1393231452?ls=1&app=itunes

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/album/0R2tpmHdlul1cxVVDqKmhu



Visit the BEATS tab on his site or click link below for beat projects and sales. 


Stay connected with Malfo on social media, and up to date with his current shows and projects.



For all bookings and inquiries please email: MalfoProductions@Gmail.com 


Jackie C. “MiVida JDM”

E: MiVidaJDM@iCloud.com 

P: 347-622-9348 

W: www.MiVidaJDMLLC.com 



Consultations are important before beginning any project. If you are a musician, singer, songwriter, producer, or any musical creative in need of a session with Malfo, feel free to reach out for a consult first. 

You will receive a discount on any booked services with proof of a consultation with Malfo Productions.

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